Bound state solutions of the Schrödinger equation with energy-dependent molecular Kratzer potential via asymptotic iteration method

Akpan Ndem Ikot, Uduakobong Okorie, Alalibo Thompson Ngiagian, Clement Atachegbe Onate, Collins Okon Edet, Ita Okon Akpan, Precious Ogbonda Amadi


In this paper, we obtained the exact bound state energy spectrum of the Schrödinger equation with energy dependent molecular Kratzer potential using asymptotic iteration method (AIM). The corresponding wave function expressed in terms of the confluent hypergeometric function was also obtained. As a special case, when the energy slope parameter in the energy-dependent molecular Kratzer potential is set to zero, then the well-known molecular Kratzer potential is recovered. Numerical results for the energy eigenvlaues are also obtained for different quantum states, in the presence and absence of the energy slope parameter. These results are discussed extensively using graphical representation. Our results are seen to agree with the results in literature.

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